American Montessori International School (AMIS) is an International Montessori school in Vietnam that follows both the method and the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.  In the spirit of Montessori education, all children are treated with dignity and respect.  Care for ourselves, care for others and compassionate activism are the touchstones of beliefs at AMIS.  Here children are encouraged and challenged to develop their own unique gifts.

AMIS was founded by a group of dedicated parents and educators whose goal was to build a school where children could experience the very best Montessori education.  This specialized school offers an individualized learning experience and an enriched curriculum including fine arts.

Teachers are certified by the Association Montessori International and the American Montessori Society.  It is also affiliated with and designated as a model by the American Montessori Society.  AMIS is approved by the Hanoi City Board of Education.

New Student Enrollment

1. As a first step, we invite the parents to come visit the school so that they can observe on what occurs in the classroom on a daily basis. If the parent is interested in continuing the enrollment process, payment for the Application Fee and enrollment information is required. An orientation session needs to be scheduled for the child to participate in daily activities. The school will decide the date and notify the parents within 07 working day. The parent may stay at the school during the orientation session but we ask that they allow the child to stay in the classroom on their own for about 30 minutes. This provides the teacher with the opportunity to observe the child and how they interacts with the other children and the materials.

2. After observing the students, admissions committee will consult with the lead teacher and the school will make the final decision for all applications for admission. Results are sent to parents within 07 working days.

3. A placement will only be offered for a child when all of the required documents are submitted to the Admissions department and the Application Fee has been paid.

4. Placement offer must be accepted by the parent within 03 working day. After 03 days the offer will be automatically withdrawn . To formally accept an offer the parent should:

- Write a formal acceptance email to our school contact email.

             - Pay the non-refundable Registration Fee to the Accounts Department

5. Placement cannot be held beyond this date without the payment of the relevant tuition fees or student cannot join our school this date.

6. List of required documents for application:

  • Enrollment form

- Picture of parent/guardian picking up the child

- 2 current passport photographs of the student

- Copy of birth certificate

- Copy of student’s passport (if applicable)

- Any other certificates, qualifications (if applicable)

- Previous Learning Support assessment documentation attached (if applicable)