When it comes to education, we believe that children deserve more than second best. So, we work hard to bring even the most remote schools up to national standards.  With funding from the AMIS Fund, our teachers, colleagues and philanthropists, partner organizations, with the efforts of the local teachers and people, together, we have built two schools in the most remote and disadvantaged areas.

Di Thang Primary School

The first school we built was Di Thang Primary School (Yen Minh, Ha Giang). The school was completed in 2018. This is a place where more than 50 children under the age of 10 walk daily on the rugged stone road for hours to reach class.

  • With VND 450,000,000
  • 03 classrooms
  • 01 teacher room
  • 01 playground
  • 01 restroom


Pu Hong Kindergarten

In 2019, Pu Hong Kindergarten, Huoi Den Site, (Dien Bien Dong, Dien Bien) which is 12 hours away from Hanoi, has been completed. It provides 60 kindergarten children a spacious and clean place to learn and play.

  • With VND 300,000,000:
  • 02 classrooms
  • 01 multi-function room (kitchen and teacher room)
  • 01 playground

The stories of journeys to remote regions are continued to be written…


“Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice,” said Bezos, Amazon Founder. Although being smart comes in handy, kindness is invaluable to achieving career goals. And more than that, building schools are not only charitable, they are also educational missions. Like teacher Chu Van An once said, “I have not seen a nation that disregard education and gets better”.
Spreading educational missions, connecting love, building a sustainable community, these are what AMIS educators aim for. These values are conveyed to our successive generations in the journey to success and happiness.