The Our Programs

Red Room
1.5 years to 2.5 years old


Toddlers love the nurturing extension of home while attending our program. Independence, self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity and language development are fostered in a caring, fun, and educational environment. Full day program is available.

We have a toddler classroom,  Red Room, for children ages 1.5 years to 2.5 years old.  The program options for this age group are:

  • Full Day Full Day (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) 

Before-school care starting at 7:30 a.m. and after-school care continuing until 5:30 p.m. is available to enrolled students.  Breakfast, Hot lunch and healthy snacks are included in program.

Children enjoy a nurturing and stimulating environment as they take their first tentative steps away from home. Children are free to play, learn, and explore at their own pace. Teachers support their natural curiosity by offering materials, asking questions, and encouraging exploration. The Montessori curriculum for these ages is designed to:

  • Foster independence and self-confidence through hands-on materials
  • Build self-esteem through practical life activities such as hand washing, simple food preparation, and caring for plants.
  • Build vocabulary through conversation, vocabulary cards and objects, sound games, labeling, and classification materials. 
  • Encourage creativity, verbal skills and focus through color matching, block play, and art projects.

Children’s natural developmental stages are addressed through the following activities:

  • Language: Children are encouraged to talk with friends and express themselves verbally through stories and songs, as well as social interaction at lunch and snack time.
  • Motor Skills: Large group time each morning includes songs and movement exercises that engage the child’s brain and body. Playground time, part of our day in all kinds of weather, gives children a chance to develop both motor and social skills – and have fun!
  • Toilet Learning: Familiarity with the bathroom and proper toileting skills are introduced at this age.

Children's House: The Green Room, The Blue Room, The Yellow Room & The Orange Room
2.5 years to 6 years old


Children love the manipulative materials and explore many varied activities. These range from practical life and social-emotional skills to phonetic spelling and learning the decimal system. Only Full day program is available.

Children’s House offers program options for children ages 2.5-6 (preschool through kindergarten):

  • Full Day (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) 

Before-school care starting at 7:30 a.m. and after-school care continuing until 5:30 p.m. is available to enrolled students.  Breakfast, Hot lunch and healthy snacks are included in program.

Our program provides your child with the foundation for a life of creative learning. Children develop and refine a sense of order by engaging in activities ranging from sorting to phonetic spelling to simple mathematical operations. The day begins with line time, an opportunity for children to sing together or do large muscle movement exercises. This also is a time for sharing news or watching presentations of new materials.  After line time, children have “work time,” engaging in activities on their own or in small groups. A high-protein, low-sugar snack is available for all the children at this time.

After work time, the children have playtime outside – in all kinds of weather. We believe the fresh air and sunshine is vital; they just need to be dressed for it! After play time, the children come back to line to end their morning as a large group.  We say goodbye to those that go home and begin preparation for lunch as a group – an activity which includes clean-up done by the children themselves as part of their “practical living” education.

After lunch, it’s time for a story and a nap for children ages 3-4. Children over three who no longer nap enjoy the story and 30 minutes of “quiet time,” before joining the older children and continue their work from the morning. 

Children ages 5-6 do not nap. They stay with the group for story time, followed by a 30 minute “quiet time.” They then begin their “extended day,” which allows for increased breadth and depth in the children’s exploration of the curriculum. This is the time of day reserved for advanced math, reading, geography, natural science and special projects, and introduces the use of more advanced materials as the year continues. Emphasis is also placed on the recording of learned information, so children spend lots of time writing and drawing. Children continue these works for the afternoon, stopping at 4:00 to get ready to go home.

We believe that full-day Montessori education at the kindergarten level (age 5-6) is an important culmination of the mental and intellectual tasks the child has begun in Children’s House.  In this final year of Children’s House, the Extended Day program provides an opportunity to solidify your child’s experiences, and lays the groundwork for what is yet to come in Montessori elementary.